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Five Star Foodies Customer Testimonials

Hi, I am a huge fan of your ginger cider drink. I usually find it at my nearby Whole Foods store in Washington, D.C. (Tenleytown). However, they are sometimes completely out of stock...
Gabriela D. Stewart

Hi, I had a sample of your Ginger Cider at the Whole Foods in Vienna a couple weeks back and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. It's fantastic!

Hi Valerie, I met you at the Good Foods Co-op in August (Lexington, KY) when you were allowing customers to taste test your veggie burgers. The next week, I went back and bought the Artichoke Burgers and the Meatless Grillers. They are really, really delicious!
Live Well, Be Healthy
Sonia Powell

Dear Five Star Foodies,
I am a grocery team member at Whole Foods Market in Mason, OH. I often buy your products and I am particularly fond of your brand... I love your artichoke burgers and totally support you as a local company and wanted to let you know to keep up the good work!
Your loyal customer, Amanda Smith

Thank you for making your wonderful vegan & healthy food. It is inspiring that you are doing this with your family and sharing healthy and great tasting food with the masses. I wish you and your family all the luck in the world.I teach yoga in some of the area yoga studios and I will be telling my students to purchase your food.
My web site is www.synergyteachers.com
Peace, Francisco

What is the cost on a case of the ginger cider? Can I pick it up or have it shipped (I live in Covington)?
Amazing, amazing cider.
Benito Melendez

Hi, Your Harvets Roast rolls taste great, and I wish Kroger sold them! My neighbors who aren't vegan also loved them! It gives Tofurky a run for it's money!
The artichoke burgers are EXCELLENT also. Bravo!
Sent from iPhone

Hi - just wanted to let you know I LOVE your artichoke burgers. My current favorite way to eat them is in an Ezekiel 4:9 7-grain sprouted English muffin, spread with roasted red pepper hummus. It's such a great flavor and texture combo! Keep up the good work!

Hi Valerie, very nice to meet you at Whole Foods today! Besides the burgers I left with the chicken and egg salads. Very very yummy! I wish you much success in your own business--your products are extremely delicious!
Best from

I was visiting Alexandria, Virginia last week and in the Whole Foods Store on Duke Street I bought you Ginger Cider. I love it. I think it will become my drink of choice...
Jeanne B.

Dear Valerie, I met you last Saturday at Biggs in Hyde Park. You told me about your products. I tried a sample of the artichoke burger. I bought a package and had one tonight. This is the best burger in this category I have ever had! I look forward to many more. Good luck with your new company.
Carol Beech

These are the best frozen vegan/veggie burgers I have ever had. I picked them up at the Clintonville Community Market earlier in the week and couldn't stop thinking about how delicious they were. I've already eaten them all and I'll be getting some more this weekend! I'm excited to try some other products.
Brooke Schmelmer

I just recently came across your artichoke burgers and love them! Iíve been looking for a vegetarian burger that isní tsoy based. They are delicious!
Is it possible that they might be organic at some point? That would make them even better!
Thanks so much!
Aaron Pyne

Are there any grocery stores in Cincinnati where we can get your products? I purchased some of your products this summer at a Farmer's Market in Northside but would love to have some now :) Thanks for your assistance. By the way... your products are wonderful!
Angie Resiert

Thank you!
On a whim I stopped in the Whole Foods in Dublin Ohio with one of my vegetarian children when you were demonstrating the roast and gravy. It was delicious! We bought the roast and the artichoke burgers onthe spot. We have fixed both and are satisfied. I prefer to shop locally and am thrilled with the product. Being able to put an old fashioned after church dinner on the table in a few minutes is a blessing. Your food satisfies both the herbivores and omnivores in the family. We can't wait to try the gourmet burgers.
Sincerely, Kim Halsey

Ms. Williams,
I would like to thank you for introducing your product. I am not a vegetarian, but am always trying to eat organic and healthy. Sadly, I don't always have time to cook. At Biggs in Hyde Park, I visited your sample station and could not help but by some. They are delicious, easy to make, and truly guilt free! I look forward to your other dishes and I hope your business is as successful as your product is satisfying. Thanks!!!

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